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Governor David Tod portrait
Description: Portrait of Governor David Tod (1805-1868). He served as Ohio's Governor from 1862-1864. Rather than join with the Peace Democrats in opposing the Civil War, Tod chose to become part of the Union Party, a new party consisting of pro-war Democrats and Republicans, and supported Lincoln's administration. As a result, the Union Party chose Tod as its gubernatorial candidate in 1861. Tod easily defeated Democrat Hugh J. Jewett and became the state's governor in 1862. Tod faced many challenges as governor because of the war. Although Tod would have liked to run for a second term as governor, Union Party leaders chose John Brough instead. There was a perception that Tod was still too close to the Democratic Party, and he did not speak favorably of emancipation of the slaves. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Ohio--Governors--Portraits; Ohio History--State and Local Government
Places: Columbus (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio)