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Buckeye tree photographs
Description: The Buckeye tree, Aesculus glabra, is found in most of Ohio's 88 counties, but is most common in the western half of the state. In spring the tree produces stems of yellowish-green flowers. By late summer or early fall, brown husks appear that contain the brown buckeye seeds that resemble the eye of a white-tailed deer and give the tree its name. The distinctive leaves with five leaflets emit an offensive odor when crushed, leading many to term the tree "stinking buckeye." Buckeye trees start out in the shade of larger trees and grow to thirty to fifty feet tall. The Ohio legislature named the buckeye the state tree in 1953. The photographs measure 3" x 3" (7.62 x 7.62 cm). View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Ohio Government; Plants and Animals; Trees; Ohio state symbols
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