American Indian Life in the Late Prehistoric Period   Save
American Indian Life in the Late Prehistoric Period
Description: Scene depicting a Late Prehistoric/Fort Ancient village in the Miami River Valley. Modeled after the SunWatch Prehistoric village site along the Great Miami River south of Dayton, Ohio, inhabitants can be seen performing traditional summer tasks in what would have been a fairly permanent village. These activities include thatching roofs made of bundles of prairie grass and repairing the stockade fence with fire-hardened posts meant to slow the process of decay. Late Prehistoric people relied heavily on a predictable food supply including corn, beans, and squash, which can be seen outside the stockade. At the center of the village, a group seems to be discussing community matters with the guidance of elders. This painting comes from the "Ancient Ohio" art series, a series of six artworks showing the major archaeological periods from Ohio history. Each painting in the series is based on extensive research and consultation with experts and American Indian scholars. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL05218
Subjects: Fort Ancient culture--Ohio; Ohio History--Natural and Native Ohio; American Indian history and society;
Places: Miami River Valley; Ohio