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Description: This grit-tempered ceramic vessel has a rim that flares out from the neck. The rim has two added flange handles at opposite sides that extend above the rim. It has a rounded base and rounded shoulders. The body narrows in the middle, creating an hourglass profile that resembles two pots stacked one on top of the other. The entire vessel has vertical cordmarks called Baum cordmarking. There are five parallel incised lines on the neck and seven on the narrow part of the body that have nearly obscured the cordmarking. Between the vertical lines, in an area where the cordmarking was smoothed out, vertical lines have been incised to resemble cordmarks. The vessel is black, strong brown and very pale brown in color. At the base of the vessel, the cordmarks overlap. The pot is complete but has been repaired. This item was found in Twin Township, Ross County, Ohio. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL07072
Subjects: Ohio History--Natural and Native Ohio; Fort Ancient culture--Ohio; Pottery
Places: Twin Township (Ohio); Ross County (Ohio)