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Birdstone from Glacial Kame Culture
Description: Banded slate birdstone is of the pop-eye type, but has an atypical shape. The body is circular and flat with a short, wedge-shaped projection for the head. An incised line represents the mouth. Two cylindrical projections (3 mm high) represent eyes. The base is a short cylinder about 33 mm in diameter that projects about 12 mm from the body. There are two sets of holes drilled diagonally through the base, presumably for attaching to another surface. It very dark gray banded with black. Although the function of birdstones is unknown, they might have served as highly-decorative spearthrower weights. Item was found in Portage County, Ohio. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL07136
Subjects: Portage County (Ohio); Ohio History--Natural and Native Ohio; Tools; American Indian history and society
Places: Portage County (Ohio)