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Pipe, platform
Description: Effigy of a dog with a long muzzle and pointed ears is depicted chewing on the remnant of human head, which he holds between his front paws. Paws are very blocky and stylized. Left front leg is broken, missing and restored. Part of right rear leg is broken and missing. Tail is tightly curved over the back and attached, forming a ring. Pipe bowl is a roughly rectangular projection in the middle of the dog's back. Hole for pipe stem is in the dog's posterior. Stylized human head is upside down. The nose is high relief. The lower jaw is missing. Dog is chewing on occipital region of the head. The artistic style is typical of the Copena Culture from Tennessee region. The effigy is made of dark grayish-brown steatite. Item was excavated from Seip Mound in Paxton Township, Ross County, Ohio. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL07285
Subjects: Mounds--Ohio--Ross County; Ohio History--Natural and Native Ohio; Archaeology; Hopewell culture--Ohio
Places: Paxton Township (Ohio); Ross County (Ohio)