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Conkle's Hollow
Description: A young boy and girl sitting on a log in Conkle's Hollow in Hocking County, Ohio. Conkle's Hollow is located in what is today Hocking Hills State Park. The hollow was created by water carving out the sandstone over the course of years. The area gets its name from one of the men who found it in the late 18th century, W.J. Conkle who carved his name into the cliff face. It is rumored that there is a spot in the cliff face where Native Americans hid money stolen from settlers. Though they supposedly left a mark to show where the money was hidden, the mark is no longer visible and the money has never been found. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Hocking County (Ohio); Hocking Hills State Park (Ohio); Natural monuments; Ohio History--Natural and Native Ohio
Places: Hocking County (Ohio); Hocking Hills (Ohio); Logan (Ohio)