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Adena Mound photograph
Description: View of the Adena Mound during excavation in Ross County, Ohio, 1901. In 1901, William C. Mills excavated the Adena Mound. At the time, Mills was the Curator of Archaeology of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society (now the Ohio History Connection). He and his team of workers discovered a number of artifacts in the mound, including copper bracelets and rings, slate gorgets, spear points made from Flint Ridge flint, and many bone and shell beads. The most remarkable artifact found in the Adena Mound was the Adena effigy pipe, also known as the Adena Man, which is now recognized as the state artifact of Ohio. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Ross County (Ohio); Ohio History--Natural and Native Ohio; American Indians--Archaeology; Archaeology--United States--History;
Places: Ross County (Ohio)