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Weak bank at Indian Lake photograph
Description: Photograph showing a bank along Indian Lake near Russell's Point. The caption beneath the photograph reads: "Weak Bank, Indian Lake, 1916." The attached description located on the back of the page reads: "PHOTOGRAPHS No's 89,90,94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100 & 101.| INDIAN LAKE REVETMENT WALL.| A wall should be constructed from Russell Point to Lakeview along the bank of Indian Lake. The present bank has become disintegrated and is more than one-half washed away from its original cross section. Said bank is very weak and is subject to rupture at any time. This bank impedes the entire waters of Indian Lake and should it give away, Indian Lake would be drained. In addition to being very expensive to repair, the damage incurred by said break, would entail thousands of dollars, besides loss of life. The gap that should spanned with a concrete wall is 4968 Linear feet. The present driveway is dangerous, which located on top of said bank, owing to it being washed so badly as to make the road bed not over 10 feet in width. The construction of a wall and a back fill of the same would create a boulevard along the lake at this point." This photograph is part of a series taken by the Board of the Ohio Department of Public Works to document the disrepair of the infrastructure of the Ohio and Erie Canal and Miami-Erie Canal systems in 1916, showing the physical condition of each structure. The Ohio Department of Public Works is one of the oldest departments of state government in continuous existence. Among its other duties, this department was charged with maintenance and administration of the Ohio & Erie and Miami-Erie Canals. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: SA936AV_B01_097
Subjects: Waterworks; Rivers; Canals; Lakes & ponds; Dams; Ohio Economy--Transportation and Development
Places: Russells Point (Ohio); Logan County (Ohio)