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Arthur Kelton Lawrence photographs
Description: These three photographs are of Arthur Kelton Lawrence, who served as a hospital steward in the 9th Battalion of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Spanish American War. The battalion was not sent to Cuba to fight, but spent the duration of the war at several camps in the United States. One image, which measures 5 by 7 inches (12.5 by 18 cm) is of Lawrence in his uniform. Another shows him with two other African-American members of the Medical Corps in front of a tent; it is 4.5 by 6.5 inches (11.43 by 16.51 cm). After the war, Lawrence became a doctor and established a medical practice in Columbus. In a third 5.75 by 9-inch (18 by 23 cm) photograph, he stands in his office, located in the Williams Building at 681 East Long Street, surrounded by medical equipment. Arthur Kelton Lawrence (1877-1954) was the son of Thomas Lawrence and Martha Hartway Lawrence. Martha escaped from slavery and was taken in by the Kelton family in Columbus. Thomas worked for the Keltons. They were married in 1864. The Spanish American War broke out in April 1898 and ended in July of the same year, during the presidency of Ohioan William McKinley. The United States and Spain battled over control of Cuba, urged on by newspapers such as the New York Journal and the New York World. The so-called "yellow press" presented events from a slanted perspective, favoring Cuban independence from Spain and arousing public sentiment in support of American intervention. As a result of the war, the United States gained control not only of Cuba, but also Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: African American Ohioans; Military Ohio; Spanish American War; African American soldiers; Physicians; 9th Battalion Ohio Volunteer Infantry (O.V.I.)
Places: Columbus (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio)