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Jacob Bruner Letters
Description: These ten letters were written by Jacob Bruner to his wife Martha. They range from one to six pages in length. Bruner, of Antwerp in Paulding County, served in the 68th Ohio Volunteer Infantry as a sergeant in Company C and quartermaster of the regiment. He was stationed at Camp Logan and Milliken's Bend in Louisiana. In April 1863, he accepted a commission as first lieutenant of the 9th Louisiana Volunteer Infantry of African Descent, a newly formed regiment composed of African American enlisted men and white officers. For his service he received a salary of $110.50 per month, a considerable sum. The letters reflect the racist views of many whites of his generation, although they also document his growing sympathy for African Americans and the suffering caused by the "peculiar institution" of slavery. Bruner was killed on June 7, 1863 at Milliken's Bend. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Military Ohio; African American Ohioans; Civil War; 68th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (O.V.I.)
Places: Antwerp (Ohio); Paulding County (Ohio); Camp Logan (Louisiana); Milliken's Bend (Louisiana)