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Pieced Square-in-a-Square Quilt
Description: Mrs. Carpenter made this quilt while living in Providence, Rhode Island, around the time of the Civil War. She brought it with her when she settled in Canaan Township in Athens County, Ohio. Carpenter pieced this quilt of log cabin blocks in the light-and-dark pattern in rows of blocks 10 x 10. The fabrics are wool, silk and cotton. The logs' construction is interesting because the fabric strip has been folded lengthwise after one edge was stitched down with the second raw edge being covered by the next strip, leaving the folded edge free. This construction of the logs is sometimes known as lapped because it gives an overlapping effect to the quilt surface. The strips were laid down over brown calico print squares with their rights sides making the backing. The raw seam edges on the back are covered with calico strips. It is 289cm x 289cm (82 x 82 inches). View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: Om3464_6643209_001
Subjects: Ohio Women; Daily Life; Quilts; Textiles
Places: Providence (Rhode Island); Canaan Township (Ohio); Athens County (Ohio)