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Pieced Eight Pointed Crazy Star Comforter
Description: According to museum records, the donor's mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother constructed this crazy quilt over a period of years. The crazy-pieced diamonds that make up the eight-pointed stars are made of wool and silk fabrics in solid colors, plaids, checks and tweeds. The colors are brown, black cream, red, green, blue and purple. The spacing squares are 4-square blocks of black and turquoise fabrics and single black spacer blocks. The initials E.F.K. and E K. are embroidered on the front. The blocks are embellished with simple feather and herringbone stitches in cream thread. Two sides have a pieced block border with long turquoise strips and black corner strips all parallel to the side. The back of the quilt is brought to the front for binding. The back is gray/cream. The comforter is tied to the back with cream thread. Th size of the quilt is 206cm x 196cm (81 x 77 inches). View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Daily Life; Ohio Women; Quilts
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