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Purplish Copper Butterfly Lycaena helloides
Description: The purplish copper is a very rare butterfly that is normally found only in the northwest Ohio counties Williams, Fulton, Lucas, and Paulding. The species has been reported in Wyandot, Morrow, Delaware, Logan, Champaign, and Miami counties, but in lesser numbers. Only one specimen has ever been reported from Hamilton County, in 1917. These butterflies are found in disturbed, moist areas like ditches, fields with poor drainage, and damp areas of cultivated fields. It is a member of the Lycaenidae (gossamer winged) family and can be seen from May to October, with peaks in June, July, August, and September. This species has a wingspan of 0.9 to 1 inches (2.3 to 2.5 cm). In Ohio there are more than 150 species of butterflies. Twenty-seven different species of butterflies representing five families can be found in the Ohio Memory Online Scrapbook, including all seven species of butterflies that are listed as endangered in Ohio. Butterflies are a part of the order Lepidoptera (from the Greek words lepis, which means scale and pteron, which means wing). There are nearly 17,500 species of butterflies world-wide. Approximately 750 of these can be found in North America. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Plants and Animals; Butterflies; Insects; Lycaenidae
Places: Williams County (Ohio); Fulton County (Ohio); Lucas County (Ohio); Paulding County (Ohio); Wyandot County (Ohio); Morrow County (Ohio); Delaware County (Ohio); Logan County (Ohio); Champaign County (Ohio); Miami County (Ohio); Hamilton County (Ohio)