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Thomas Worthington miniature oil painting
Description: Twenty-three-year old Thomas Worthington is depicted in this miniature oil portrait on ivory. The portrait commemorates Worthington's marriage to Eleanor Swearingen and shows him in his wedding suit. It measures 2.55 by 2.75 inches (6.5 by 7 cm). Worthington (1773-1827) was born in Charles Town, Virginia (later West Virginia). He was orphaned by the age of seven and received little formal education. After a brief time at sea, Worthington turned his attention to farming and surveying, which led him to locate and purchase land in the Virginia Military District, which is now in the state of Ohio. In 1798, he moved to Chillicothe with his family, including his brother-in-law Edward Tiffin, who later became Worthington's political ally. The Worthingtons also brought several former slaves with them that they had freed before leaving Virginia. Worthington quickly became a prominent citizen. He was appointed register of the Chillicothe Land Office and was elected to the Territorial Assembly. He was a leader of the Jeffersonian Republicans in Ohio and vocally opposed Territorial Governor Arthur St. Clair, who believed that the settlers were not qualified to govern themselves and required the leadership of a strong governor. Worthington lobbied President Jefferson and Congress to pass an act that enabled Ohio to draw up a constitution and become a state. A delegate at the 1802 Constitutional Convention, Worthington supported a highly democratic state government with a weak governor. He served two partial terms in the U. S. Senate, where he proposed what later became the National Road and the creation of the General Land Office. Worthington opposed the War of 1812, believing that the U. S. could not protect western lands from attack by American Indian tribes. Once war was declared, however, Worthington worked vigorously to raise and supply troops. Worthington served as governor from 1814-1818, but was able to accomplish little due to the weak office he helped to create. He served three terms in the Ohio House of Representatives before his death in 1827. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Ohio Government; Portraits; Worthington, Thomas, 1773-1827; Governors
Places: Chillicothe (Ohio); Ross County (Ohio)