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Monument at Mound Hill Cemetery
Description: Reverse reads: "Monument on Mound in Mound Hill Cemetery, Eaton. Ohio. Inscriptions 1- Erected by free contributions of the 17th. day of Oct.1947 2- In memory of Lieut. John Lowery of The second Sub-Legion Ensign Boyd of the first and 13 non-commissioned officers and privates who fell about five miles north of this place in an obstinate engagement engagement with the Indians on on the 17th. day of Oct. 1793. Lieut. Lowery was from New Jersey and had served with reputation in the levies of 1791 under Gen.St.Clair. in the levies of 1791 under Gen St.Clair. Ensign Boyd was a young man of much promise; they were in command of an escort of ninety men having in charge twenty wagons loaded with 3- provisions and stores for the army of Gen. Wayne. 3. "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Monuments--Ohio; Cemeteries--Ohio; Military Ohio
Places: Eaton (Ohio); Preble County (Ohio)