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Neoclassical Revival public building
Description: Pictured is a brick building in the Neoclassical Revival style characteristic of new construction in the 1930s. It likely served as a Post Office or other municipal purpose. Other buildings of the 30s reflect a trend toward simplified designs associated with the Art Deco and Art Moderne movements of the period. In twelve separate counties, primarily in southeastern Ohio, more than twenty-five percent of families had at least one member working for the WPA during the late 1930s. By the end of 1938, these various workers had built or improved 12,300 miles of roads and streets and constructed 636 public buildings, several hundred bridges, hundreds of athletic fields, and five fish hatcheries. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Architecture--Ohio--Pictorial works., Public--Ohio; Buildings, structures, Works Progress Administration; Depression Era; New Deal
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