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Berlin Tablet
Description: This plaster cast is a reproduction of an Adena artifact known as the Berlin tablet (A 340/000001). It is a thick, bow tie-shaped plate that is brown in color. The obverse face has an abstract bird incised, while the reverse face is flat and has no recreations of the original design. This piece is from Adena Culture. The Adena Culture (500 B.C.- 200 A.D.), named for a mound found on the Chillicothe estate of Thomas Worthington, lived primarily in present-day Ohio and parts of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia. They built large effigy and burial mounds. The Adena were primarily hunter-gatherers, but began to grow squash and some weedy plants. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: A4786_000068
Subjects: Adena culture; Mound-builders; Woodland culture;
Places: Berlin Tablet