Fort Hill, footbridge superstructure construction photograph   Save
New Deal
Description: A photograph of workmen constructing the footbridge superstructure. Design and estimate of costs for two timber footbridges near the shelter building were approved for construction on September 14, 1934. Work on the project started a few days later. Stone and timber were obtained within a mile from the site. Abutment stones were laid in cement mortar. Timber was treated with weather beaten brown creosote stain. Both bridges were completed October 31, 1934. This photo was included in F.E. Whitehouse's, camp superintendent, completion report for Fort Hill State Park, as Project No. 47a, Bridges - Foot. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: 3076_89_15_f47a_03
Subjects: Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.); New Deal, 1933-1939; Fort Hill State Memorial (Ohio); Footbridges; Building
Places: Hillsboro (Ohio); Highland County (Ohio)