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Josiah Henson portrait
Description: Photographic reproduction of an engraved portrait depicting Josiah Henson (1789-1883), a fugitive slave who escaped to Canada. He later asserted that he was the inspiration for the character of "Uncle Tom" in Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin." He made a name for himself as an ambassador of sorts making several trips to the British Isles, where he even had the opportunity to meet Queen Victoria. The image was collected by Ohio State University professor Wilbur H. Siebert (1866-1961). Siebert began researching the Underground Railroad in the 1890s as a way to interest his students in history. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL03235
Subjects: Fugitive slaves; Ohio History--Slavery, Anti-Slavery and Civil Rights
Places: Ontario (Canada)