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Heinisch Collection
Description: Pipestone effigy pipe has a tall bowl with sides that curve outward and a wide, flat, flaring rim. Near the rim opposite the mouthpiece there is stylized effigy of what may be a bird looking forward. The bowl is set slightly forward on a flat, roughly rectangular platform. One corner of the platform is chipped. There is a ridge directly above and parallel to the hole for the pipe stem. The color is mainly dark red that is mottled with reddish yellow, pink and very dark gray. There are yellowish-brown deposits on the bowl. Item was excavated from Heinisch Mound in Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL07172
Subjects: Heinisch Mound (Scioto County, Ohio); Ohio History--Natural and Native Ohio; Archaeology; Intrusive Mound Culture (A.D. 500-900)
Places: Portsmouth (Ohio); Scioto County (Ohio)