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Description: A stevengraph image entitled "Called to the Rescue: Heroism at Sea." This scene depicts a group of 13 men in a boat who are attempting a rescue in stormy seas. They are fighting their way to a sinking ship (right edge). Another sailing ship and a lighthouse are visible in the left background. Underneath the image is a caption that reads: "Woven in silk by Thomas Stevens Inventor and Manufacturer, Coventry and London (Registered)." This image was registered on February 20, 1880. (It was a companion piece to a picture titled "For Life or Death: Heroism on Land," which depicting fire-engine scenes.) originally created by Stevens, a Coventry weaver, invented the woven-silk pictures, which he called “stevengraphs.” Stevengraphs were made using a jacquard loom in which mechanically operated devices wove intricate, three-dimensional patterns in silk. The picture was actually part of the fabric, not painted or dyed on the fabric's surface. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL05913
Subjects: Stevengraph pure silk woven pictures; Jacquard weaving; Stevens, Thomas, 1828-1888; Decorative arts
Places: Coventry (England)