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Catherine C. Hopley photograph
Description: Photograph of Catherine Cooper Hopley (1817-1911), in her garden at home in the Kew distric of London, England. A handwritten caption on the back reads, "Aunt Kitty, watering her plants." Catherine was the elder sister of John P. Hopley of Bucyrus, Ohio, and this and other portraits are included in the Hopley Family Photographs Collection. Catherine authored one of the first popular books on snakes, titled "Snakes: Curiosities and Wonders of Serpent Life," in 1882. She made a number of other important contributions to the study of herpetology and did fieldwork on snake populations in Ohio. Hopley authored a variety of other texts, including "Sketches of the Ophidians" (1873), "Life in the South" (1863), and "Adventures in the Wilds of the West" (1872). View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Hopley, Catherine Cooper, 1817-1911; Scientists; Authors; Women; Snakes;
Places: London (England)