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Harford Toland Diary
Description: Harford Toland of London, Ohio kept this diary on the request of his father while he attended medical school in Springfield, Ohio. Toland records his impressions of the school, his homesickness, and his thoughts on business and economics. In the first page of the diary, Toland writes of an unusual thunderstorm in January in Madison County. He also describes a tornado in Mount Vernon that resulted in severe damage and flooding. The diary is 78 pages and measures 8" x 9.5" (20.32 x 24.13 cm). The first four pages are included here. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Daily Life; Climate and Weather; Business and Labor; Education; Tornadoes; Storms; Medical students
Places: London (Ohio); Madison County (Ohio); Springfield (Ohio); Clark County (Ohio); Mount Vernon (Ohio); Knox County (Ohio)