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Ohio History Connection Archaeology Photograph Collection
Description: A young boy is photographed near a flint quarry in Laughman's Woods at Flint Ridge. Flint Ridge Ancient Quarries and Nature Preserve is located in Licking County, Ohio, just east of Newark. Flint Ridge flint, renowned for both its high quality and amazing array of colors, was quarried for thousands of years by American Indians to fashion their tools, weapons and ceremonial objects. The Hopewell Culture (100 B.C. - A.D. 400) in particular made extensive use Flint Ridge flint to produce their culturally diagnostic cores and bladelets and for making small bifaces or “cache blades” used for trade and/or mortuary offerings. Flint Ridge flint artifacts from all time periods are commonly found on American Indian sites throughout Ohio and much of the eastern United States. It is little wonder that Flint Ridge has been called “The Great Indian Quarry of Ohio.” Flint, particularly Flint Ridge Flint, was named as Ohio’s official gem stone in 1965 and remains popular among hobbyists as a lapidary stone and a favored material for modern flint knappers. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: American Indian history; Ohio History--Natural and Native Ohio; Archaeological excavations; Hopewell Culture (A.D. 1–400); Flint Ridge (Ohio);
Places: Licking County (Ohio)