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Description: This pewter figurine depicts the "Yellow Kid," the first popular color newspaper comic in the country. Richard Felton Outcault (1863-1928) of Lancaster, Ohio created the "Yellow Kid" comic about a mischievous Irish boy named Mickey Dugan. The comic strip lasted only from 1896 until 1898, but during that period the public could not get enough of him. It appeared in the New York newspapers several times a week and on Sundays. The popularity of the cartoon led to a new type of merchandising using cartoon characters. Images of the "Yellow Kid" were printed on products ranging from soap to whiskey. The figurine measures 2.36 by 4 inches (6 by 10.2 cm). Richard Felton Outcault studied at McMicken University School of Design in Cincinnati. He worked as an illustrator for Edison Laboratories. Outcault also created the "Buster Brown" cartoon series. Printed in yellow ink, the "Yellow Kid" cartoon debuted in Joseph Pulitzer's New York World. It lent its name to "yellow journalism," a form of reporting popular in the late nineteenth century in which sensationalized stories that focused on crime, scandal, entertainment, and catastrophes were common. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Literary Ohio; Arts and Entertainment; Advertising; Cartoons (Commentary)
Places: Lancaster (Ohio); Fairfield County (Ohio)