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Gilead Anti-Slavery Society of Clermont County Minutes
Description: The minute book of the Gilead Anti-Slavery Society of Clermont County, Ohio contains its constitution, which was adopted on August 14, 1836 after an address by noted abolitionist Reverend John Rankin of Ripley, Ohio. Society membership roll, minutes, and library records are also included. The group resolved that "forming a society and discussing the subject of slavery are the most effective means to procure its abolition." It then started a library of books and periodicals dealing with abolition. Among the materials purchased by the society were abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison's The Liberator, a book by African American poet Phyllis Wheatly, and a collection of Rankin's letters. The minute book is twenty pages and measures 8" x 7" (20.32 x 17.8 cm). View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Civil Liberties; African American Ohioans; Slavery; Abolition; Abolitionists; Societies and clubs
Places: Clermont County (Ohio)