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Governor William Bebb portrait
Description: Portrait of William Bebb (1802-1873), born in Butler County, Ohio. Ohio Whigs nominated him as their candidate for governor in 1846. Banking and currency were major issues in the campaign. Overall, Bebb supported the extension of the Kelley Bank Act of 1845. Bebb ran against Democrat David Tod on the slogan "William Bebb and a Home Currency against David Tod and Pot Metal." Bebb also campaigned on the issue of repealing Ohio's discriminatory laws against African Americans. The election was close, but Bebb won and became Ohio's nineteenth governor. He served as governor of Ohio from 1846 to 1849. Upon his inauguration as governor, Bebb immediately had to deal with the Mexican War. Like his predecessor, Mordecai Bartley, Bebb personally did not agree with the war. In spite of his personal opinions, Bebb continued Bartley's recruitment of Ohio troops for the war effort. He also continued the previous governor's economic plans and reduced the state's debt during his administration. Before leaving office, Bebb recommended that the state hold a new constitutional convention in 1850, which ultimately produced the Constitution of 1851. Bebb left office on January 22, 1849, and he never again held an elected office. View on Ohio Memory.
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