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Governor James M. Cox portrait
Description: Photograph of a portrait of James M. Cox (1870-1957) who served as Ohio's governor from 1913-1915 and from 1917-1921. It was during Cox's first term as governor (1913-1915) that Ohio formally adopted direct primaries, initiative and referendum. Cox's administration oversaw reforms within the state court system, the civil service, and the budget and tax processes. The state passed laws that dealt with municipal home rule, workmen's compensation, educational reform, and prison reform, among numerous other issues. Cox faced new challenges after election to his second term in office. He continued to work for Progressive reforms, but he also had to mobilize Ohio to support the American war effort during World War I. The governor worked particularly hard to keep labor disputes from disrupting war production in the state during the war. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: R_396_Cox
Subjects: Ohio History--State and Local Government; Ohio--Governors--Portraits
Places: Columbus (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio)