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Battle flag 125th OVI 1862-1865
Description: This is a fragment of a battle flag is red and white, which has darkened over the years. In the top white stripe is hand written 125th O.V.I. The red strip in the middle had the date 1862-1865. The lower white stripe has the names of Civil War battles inscribed in pen on the flag. They are: "Chickamauga - Missionary Ridge - Dandridge - Rock Fase Ridge - Resackey - Mudy Crick - New Hope - Kenasaw Mountain - Peach Tree Crick - Front of Alanta - Jonesborow - Pine Nob - Franklin - Nashville". The cotton fragment is framed and dates from 1862-1865. The dimensions of the flag are 20.2 by 27.9 cm. The Ohio Historical Society purchased this fragment from Charles Apfelbaum of Valley Stream, New York, in 1990. It belonged to Edwin C. Woodworth. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Civil War 1861-1865; Textile--cotton; Military flags; Flags--Ohio, Civil War, 1861-1865
Places: Ohio