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Ex-Prisoners of War Flag
Description: This blue silk flag with gold fringe served as the regimental colors of Ohio ex-prisoners of war. Manufactured in the United States around 1865, this side of the flag features a gold-outlined crest with a brown background. Inside the crest is an image of an eagle perched on a soldier's camp roll and rucksack with crossed bayonets behind it. Three chain links at the bottom of the rucksack connect to a hand-painted image of a dog attacking a ragged man on the ground. The image is bordered with serrated edges and a cannon in each corner. A red scroll outlined in gold below the crest features gold text that reads: "DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR." View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL02188
Subjects: Ceremonial artifact; Communication artifact; Military flags; Textile--silk; Flags--Ohio; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; POW; Ex-Prisoners of War
Places: Ohio