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Yvonne Walker-Taylor scrapbook photographs
Description: Photographs of Herbert "Herb" Jeffries with Yvonne Walker-Taylor and a woman named Rosie. This is one of several pages taken from a scrapbook that belonged to Yvonne Walker-Taylor. Herbert Jeffrey, aka Herb Jefferies, the first African American singing cowboy. His first film was "Harlem on the Prairie" which was considered the first black western following the inauguration of the talkies. Herbert Jefferies sang his own songs in "The Bronze Buckaroo" and "Harlem Rides the Range." Following his movie career, Jefferies returned to singing and recorded "The Flamingo" with Duke Ellington. Walker-Taylor was the daughter of Bishop Dougal Ormonde Beaconfield Walker, the 66th Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and president of Wilberforce University in the 1940s. Walker-Taylor later went on to follow in his footsteps, and became the first female African American college president in the United States when she was named president of Wilberforce in 1984. View on Ohio Memory.
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