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Mary Borkowski's
Description: Photograph of a quilt titled "Pride of Ohio," created by nationally recognized folk artist Mary Borkowski from Dayton, Ohio, 1969. The star on the central map of Ohio represents the birthplace of astronaut and United States Senator John Glenn. The eight state seals represent the eight Presidents from Ohio. Around each seal are seventeen stars because Ohio was the seventeenth state to join the union. Other Ohio symbols such as the state flower, the carnation; the state bird, the cardinal and the state tree, the Buckeye are also found in the quilt design. The quilt is part of the Ohio Historical Society museum collections. Mary was born in Sulpher Lick Springs, Ohio in 1916 and died in Dayton in 2008. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL03388
Subjects: Quilts; Multicultural Ohio--Ohio Women
Places: Mary Borkowski's "Pride of Ohio" quilt photograph