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Julia Dent Grant portrait
Description: Photograph of Julia Dent Grant, wife of Civil War general and United States President Ulysses S. Grant, ca. 1877-1879. This portrait was possibly taken while President and Mrs. Grant were touring Europe. The couple met in Missouri in 1844, when Grant was stationed with Dent's brother at the United States Army base at Jefferson Barracks. Within one year, the couple was secretly engaged, as Julia's father, Frederick Dent, initially opposed the marriage due to Grant's lower economic status. Soon, Mr. Dent relented, but the United States had entered into the U.S.-Mexican War, further postponing the marriage. With the war's conclusion, Dent and Grant were married on August 22, 1848. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Presidents' spouses--United States; Other--Family History; Grant, Ulysses S., 1822-1885
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