American Indian Life in the Paleo-Indian Period   Save
American Indian Life in the Paleo-Indian Period
Description: Scene depicting a Paleo-Indian (14,000-10,000 B.P.) family dressing caribou hides at their camp in western Ohio, after ambushing a herd of caribou migrating through the till plains of the region. Strips of meat from the butchered animal hang on a rack to preserve and pack when the group moves to their next camp. The caribou hide will also be stretched, scraped, and tanned using flint tools for use as clothing or shelter. This painting comes from the "Ancient Ohio" art series, a series of six artworks showing the major archaeological periods from Ohio history. Each painting in the series is based on extensive research and consultation with experts and American Indian scholars. This artwork is based on archaeological research from Paleoindian sites like Paleo Crossing, Nobles Pond, and Sheriden Cave in Ohio, and Vail site in Maine. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: American Indians; American Indian history and society; Ohio History--Natural and Native Ohio; Hunting--Ohio
Places: Ohio