Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company's Campbell Works   Save
Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company's Campbell Works
Description: This photograph taken from across the Mahoning River captures the skyline of the Campbell Works, East Youngstown (Campbell), Ohio, ca. 1920. The plant included four blast furnaces, seen here with single waste heat stacks from left to right. According to Chester Kaschak, an employee of Sheet and Tube from 1967 to 1978, the furnaces were not given proper names, but simply called One, Two, Three and Four. At the extreme left of the frame is the open hearth furnace. In the center is the car dumper. This machine lifted railroad cars of iron ore and other raw materials and dumped or "baled" it into piles in the stockyard. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL05583
Subjects: Steel industry and trade--Ohio; Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company; Ohio Economy--Economy--Business; Blast furnaces--Ohio; Factories
Places: East Youngstown (Ohio); Campbell (Ohio); Mahoning County (Ohio)