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Elbow pipe from Fort Ancient Culture
Description: L-shaped limestone pipe has a tall tubular bowl that tapers slightly at the bottom. There are two incised lines at the top. The bottom of the pipe is flat. The mouthpiece is square. Short parallel lines are incised on the straight sides of the bottom edges and on the top edges of the mouthpiece. The pipe is grayish brown with areas of white and gray. It has concretions throughout, but more on the bottom section than the top. There are several chips missing from the body and one large chip missing from the opening of the mouthpiece. Item was excavated from the O.C. Voss Mound in Franklin County, Ohio. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL07461
Subjects: Ohio History--Natural and Native Ohio; American Indians--Archaeology; Pipes (Smoking); Fort Ancient culture
Places: Franklin County (Ohio)