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Jeffrey catalog cover
Description: 1900 catalog cover for the Jeffrey Manufacturing Company of Columbus, Ohio. Jeffrey Manufacturing Co. was a leading producer of mining, conveying, and heavy industrial equipment for nearly 100 years. The company designed and built material-handling products for a variety of uses, such as coal mining, farming, amusement park rides, earth-moving, lumber mills, and food processing. Founded in 1877 as the Lechner Mining Machine Company, it reached its peak after World War II, employing over 4,500 Columbus residents. Changing energy demands and a decline in coal mining in the 1970s led to the sale of the company to Dresser Industries of Dallas, Texas, in 1974. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Ohio Economy--Economy--Business; Jeffrey Manufacturing Company (Columbus, Ohio); Mining machinery; Catalogs
Places: Columbus (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio)