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Hopley family Christmas card
Description: View of "Maple Corner," the home of the John P. Hopley family in Bucyrus, Ohio, pictured on a Christmas card. The caption reads: "Greetings from 'Maple Corner,' The Hopley Homestead, 201-221 Hopley Avenue, Bucyrus, Ohio." The image of a house in a snow-covered landscape is set inside a mount garnished by holly and candlesticks. John P. and Georgianna Hopley were a prominent family in Bucyrus, Ohio. Hopley owned and managed two local newspapers. Various family members were active in business, politics, journalism, the temperance movement, and woman suffrage. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Bucyrus (Ohio); Crawford County (Ohio); Newspaper Publishing; Family History
Places: Bucyrus (Ohio); Crawford County (Ohio)