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Covered bridge in Clifton
Description: A covered bridge in Clifton. Originally Clifton was primarily populated by men who had served in the Revolutionary War and were offered parcels of land for their service. It was not all former soldiers who would settle in Clifton, the land was good and it was not out of reach in terms of money. Originally what is today Clifton had an entirely different name. One of the soldiers who had served in the Revolutionary Wars named Owen Davis originally gave the town its name of Davis Mills after he helped to start up the town along with his daughter's husband. Eventually much of the towns business came under the control of Robert Patterson. The name of Clifton would come from Patterson after he renamed it "Cliff Town". View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Bridges--Ohio; Clark County (Ohio); Greene County (Ohio)
Places: Clifton (Ohio); Clark County (Ohio); Greene County (Ohio)