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Sherman Home
Description: The outside of the Sherman Home in Lancaster, Ohio. This is where John Sherman (1823-1900) was raised. Sherman is best known as a man who would serve in the senate for over ten years. Sherman at first held a few other jobs before getting into the world of politics, working both as an engineer and an attorney. Before he went on to serve in the senate, he served for a number of years as a representative in Congress. During his time in politics he would support at first the Whig Party, which favored more power for the central government as opposed to the states. After the demise of the Whig party, he became an avid supporter of Republican party policies and was so passionate about the cause of preserving the Union he considered abandoning politics at least for a time and fight the Confederacy. In the end, he abandoned this idea and devoted his time to pushing for his favored policies in Congress. He continued to serve in the senate and hold his own during the turbulent time of Reconstruction. Sherman usually came off as a moderate voice in the time of increasing conflict between the Senate and the President over how to bring the United States back together. He was not afraid to criticize both and advocated for a moderate approach. Sherman left the Senate for a period to become a cabinet official, returning to the Senate upon his leaving the cabinet. While he was once again serving in the senate, he formulated and would give his name to the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, which made it possible for business monopolies to be dismantled. He would continue to serve in the Senate until a few years before his death, leaving in 1897, and dying three years later in 1900. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Sherman, John, 1823-1900; United States. Congress. Senate; United States. Congress. House; Civil War
Places: Lancaster (Ohio); Fairfield County (Ohio); Ohio