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Sagamore Creek culvert photograph
Description: Photograph showing an unidentified man posing next to a culvert, which is a drain or pipe allowing water to flow under a structure (e.g. a road). The caption beneath the photograph reads: "East End of Sagamore Creek Culvert. South of Cleveland, O." The attached description located on the back of the page reads: "PHOTOGRAPHS No's 54 and 55. SAGAMORE CREEK CULVERT, CLEVELAND. Photograph 54 shows the new structure built by the Cuyahoga County Commissioners and has a clear span of about 12 feet. Photograph 55 shows the down stream end of this culvert which occupies the portion under the canal and is in a bad condition, it being not more than 1/10 capacity of the up-stream side, as per photo 55, thereby it causes water to back up on private lands entailing considerable damage. The same should be replaced with an appropriate structure and built to conform, with the one under the county highway." This photograph is part of a series taken by the Board of the Ohio Department of Public Works to document the disrepair of the infrastructure of the Ohio and Erie Canal and Miami-Erie Canal systems in 1916, showing the physical condition of each structure. The Ohio Department of Public Works is one of the oldest departments of state government in continuous existence. Among its other duties, this department was charged with maintenance and administration of the Ohio & Erie and Miami-Erie Canals. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: SA936AV_B01_054
Subjects: Waterworks; Rivers; Canals; Lakes & ponds; Dams; Ohio Economy--Transportation and Development
Places: Cleveland (Ohio); Cuyahoga County (Ohio)