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Physics Building at Ohio State University photograph
Description: Photograph showing the former Physics Building on the campus of the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, built by Elford, Inc. Located at 125 South Oval Drive, this building is officially named the Mendenhall Laboratory. Elford, Inc. was founded in 1910 in Columbus, Ohio, by Edward "Pop" Elford. Edward's son Harold joined the firm in 1923 and the company began to expand. Under Harold's leadership, the company built twelve facilities at Ohio State University, and completed over thirty construction projects for Battelle Memorial Institute. The company went onto build a wide variety of buildings including banks, churches, hospitals, hotels/motels, offices and rental buildings. Significant examples of their work include the Harding Memorial, St. Stephen's Church, and the Dublin (Ohio) Bridge. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: P390B03F01_001_01
Subjects: Ohio State University--History; College buildings; Construction industry--Ohio; Architecture--Ohio;
Places: Columbus (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio)