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Apportionment of the Ohio Senate map
Description: 1965 map showing the apportionment of the Ohio Senate, broken into counties and townships. The map's caption reads "Apportionment of the Ohio Senate prescribed by the Governor, Secretary of State and the Auditor of State, September 27, 1965." There are 33 numbered apportionment districts, as well as handwritten notes related to county populations. In 1965, Ohio's Governor was Jim Rhodes. Ohio’s first General Assembly convened on March 1, 1803, with thirty members of the House and fourteen members of the Senate, with each county receiving a certain number of legislators based upon the county’s population. In 1903, each Ohio county was guaranteed to have its own House member, while all other members of the House were to be at large positions. In 1966, by order of the federal government, this apportionment procedure ended. Under the new system Ohio has ninety-nine representatives and thirty-three senators from various districts based on population. View on Ohio Memory.
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