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Cincinnati, Covington and Newport map
Description: This 1866 map shows Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as Newport and Covington, Kentucky, directly across the Ohio River. It was drawn by Gilbert & Hickenlooper (of No. 200 Vine Street in Cincinnati) for inclusion in the 1866 edition of the Williams' Cincinnati Directory. Covington and Newport are two Kentucky cities situated on the Ohio River and separated from one another by the Licking River. They are considered a part of the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area (or Greater Cincinnati) which includes counties in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. These two cities were first connected by bridge in 1853, and the John Roebling Suspension Bridge, connecting Covington with Cincinnati across the Ohio River, was completed in 1866. In 1788, Israel Ludlow, Matthias Denman, and Robert Patterson purchased eight hundred acres from John Cleves Symmes along the Ohio River at the Licking River's mouth. By early January 1789, Ludlow had platted the town, and the three men named the town Losantiville. The name was a convoluted contraction of the idea that this was a "city across from the mouth of the Licking River." In 1790, the governor of the Northwest Territory, Arthur St. Clair, proceeded to establish Hamilton County and made Losantiville the county seat. St. Clair disliked the name Losantiville and changed the town's name to Cincinnati in recognition of the Roman citizen soldier Cincinnatus. Cincinnati emerged as a major city, primarily due to its strategic location on the Ohio River, and by 1820 had reached a population of nearly ten thousand people. By the late 1880s, Cincinnati was the largest city in Ohio, with almost 300,000 people. It also had the densest population of any city in the United States, with an average of 37,143 people per square mile. By 1890, Cincinnati had provided Ohio with thirteen governors and had become an important industrial, political, literary, and educational center in both Ohio and the United States. View on Ohio Memory.
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Places: Cincinnati (Ohio); Hamilton County (Ohio); Newport (Kentucky); Covington (Kentucky)