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Malabar Farm map
Description: Real estate preview map of Ohio farmer and novelist Louis Bromfield's celebrated Malabar Farm in Lucas, Ohio. Map depicts both an aerial layout of the farm, and a smaller cut-away of an illustrated road map. Malabar Farm went up for sale on the public market following Louis Bromfield's death in 1956; it was eventually purchased after a fundraising effort by national conservation education organization the Friends of the Land. Bromfield had been active in the organization and served as its celebrity spokesman in the final decades of his life. The Friends of the Land Collection (1930-1960) contains the papers of the Friends of the Land (1940-1959), a prominent national soil conservation education organization headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. FOTL produced an international literary arts quarterly, THE LAND (edited by New Deal agriculture writer Russell Lord) in addition to several members' only publications (LAND LETTER) and informational pamphlets. They also hosted annual conferences; ran conservation tours, teacher training labs, and workshops; and operated as a national clearinghouse for conservation information. Ohio farmer and novelist Louis Bromfield was active in the organization. Much of the collection reflects the career and interests of FOTL Executive Secretary Ollie Fink, who was a prominent conservation education pioneer in Ohio. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Conservation education; Bromfield, Louis (1896-1956); Agriculture; Soil science; Malabar Farm
Places: Mansfield (Ohio); Richland County (Ohio)