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Elisha Huntington Letters to His Son in California
Description: Elisha Huntington of Fulton County, Ohio, wrote these three letters to his son William R. Huntington in California. In the first letter, written on March 26, 1854, Huntington encourages his son to stay in California until the end of the summer and assures him that he can find help to work on the family farm. Concerned about his son's safety in California, he warns him not to be out at night. In a second letter, dated July 9, 1854, Huntington tells his son of a railroad excursion to Adrian, Michigan. He describes a cholera epidemic in Toledo and discusses the development of a railroad in Fulton County. In the final letter of December 18, 1854, Huntington complains about the lack of money in circulation in the area and the general distrust of paper money. In all three letters, he tells his son of the prices of agricultural commodities and local events. The letters are four pages each and measure 7.5" x 9.75" (19.05 x 24.77 cm). View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Agriculture; Science and Technology; Transportation; Railroads; Cholera; Communicable diseases
Places: Delta (Ohio); Fulton County (Ohio); California