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John Fisher ledger excerpt
Description: Excerpt from a ledger kept by John Fisher during his service in the War of 1812. Entries include written regimental and general orders issued by Brigadier General William Hull, Colonel McArthur and Major James Denny during the march of the United States Northwest Army under Hull from Dayton to the Detroit area in the summer of 1812 and during the subsequent campaign which ended with the surrender of the American army on August 16th, 1812. The orders mostly address standard military issues such as conduct and drunkenness and gambling, but there are two that stand out: Hull’s order of July 30th, following a court of inquiry, clearing Major Denny of charges of misconduct during a skirmish at the Canard River on July 25th; and Major Denny’s orders for the garrison at “Fort Hope” (Sandwich, Canada), dated August 10th, just days before the surrender. Fisher was born in Pennsylvania on April 9th, 1787, the son of James and Jane Fisher. During the War of 1812, Fisher served in the Ohio Militia as a sergeant in Captain John Jones' company of Highland County. When the company joined General Hull's army forming up at Dayton in May 1812, Fisher was made Quartermaster Sergeant (also known as "Orderly Sergeant") of the 1st Regiment of the Ohio Militia under Col. Duncan McArthur. Fisher served in this capacity during the march to Detroit, the occupation of village of Sandwich on the Canadian side and the subsequent surrender of the American army by Hull at Detroit on August 16th, 1812. Following the war, Fisher stayed in the Southwestern region of Ohio, living near Manchester in Adams County and later in Clinton County, where he died of old age on April 24th, 1872. View on Ohio Memory.
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