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'Democratic Salt River Passage' satirical broadside
Description: This satirical broadside advertises a "Democratic Salt River Passage" from Headwater Springs, Salt River, to Bandannaville, via Hope for Lorne and Never Return Road. The broadside mentions the Ku Klux Klan, free trade, and tariffs, among other controversies. Because of the references on this fictional ticket, including Cleveland Grove (Grover Cleveland) and Mugwumps (a nickname for Republicans who switched parties to support Cleveland in the 1884 presidential election), it's likely that this item dates to the mid-1880s. Prices for tickets appear to be given in Confederate States of America dollars. The expression "Salt River, " sometimes used as a variation of "rowing up the Salt River, " is believed to refer to the political loss of a candidate or a party, and sometimes more generally to the obstacles a candidate faces while up for election, especially the presidency. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Satire; Advertisements; Political parties; Political elections; Presidential campaigns
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