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Yatisi Corset trade card
Description: This is a trade card advertising Yatisi 'Fits Easy' Corset, featuring a portrait of First Lady Frances Clara Folsom Cleveland, labeled here as "The Lady of the White House," wife of President Grover Cleveland, who held office from 1886-1889 and again from 1893-1897. The text in the upper corners reads "The Celebrated Yatisi Fits Easy Corset" and below the portrait reads "Guarantee any lady after wearing a Yatisi Corset ten days and not finding it the most healthful, perfect fitting and comfortable corset from first time worn can return it and have price paid refunded." Yatisi Corset's logo is to the left of the guarantee. The reverse reads "The Yatisi owing to the diagonal elasticity of the cloth, (which is controlled by letters patent). It yields to every movement of the wearer, and fits perfectly the first time it is worn, as it requires no breaking-in. This corset is recommended by the most prominent physicians in all leading cities of the U. States and Canada. It costs you nothing to try its merits, for, if after 10 days' wear, you do not find it more comfortable, healthful and perfect in fit than any other corset you may have at any time worn, you can return it to the merchant who sold it to you and the price paid for it will be promptly refunded. Nothing has been spared to make the Yatisi Corset the most popular in the market. The name is registered as a Trade Mark. Each pair is so stamped, none other are genuine. Tell your merchant you want to try it! For sale by P.T. King, Bellaire, Ohio." View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Advertisements; First ladies; Fashion; Clothing and dress; Bellaire (Ohio); Women--Ohio
Places: Bellaire (Ohio); Belmont County (Ohio)